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Hi, I'm Ellie and my goal is to help you become a fantastic midwife. I qualified as a midwife in the UK and have worked in both the UK and New Zealand. Now I'm a midwifery writer and support giver.

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The Secret Community For Midwives In The Making Reading List

The Secret Community For Midwives In The Making Reading List

I first became obsessed with midwifery when I was a teenager, and I found out Waterstones had midwifery books. And I could ‘browse’ them for free.

I'd turn up most weekends in the bookshop cafe, order the cheapest coffee on the menu and then take Mayes or Myles Midwifery from the shelf, remove my bookmark, and start where I'd left off. I made notes.

I suppose I should have felt bad about never buying the books, but I was young and skint and no-one else seemed to be reading them.

Also, reading has always been the perfect act of rebellion. Books pass knowledge along in a powerful but quiet way.

The fact I was getting away with something made me even more excited to learn about fetal skull sutures, physiological haemodilution, and the let-down reflex.

(To be fair, I was punished by the coffee – up until I spent time in Italy when wI was 22, I was convinced coffee ‘wasn’t for me’. Coffee is very much for me, it’s just Starbuck’s filter coffee is not coffee. More like gravy that gives you a headache.)

If like me, books are an essential part of life that make your midwifery heart flutter I hope you’ll find this Reading List exciting. And if you’re not so into reading, I hope you’ll be able to choose where to spend your time as we’ve put together our best recommendations.


January 30, 2016 5

‘Do You Speak Midwife?’ Quiz

Test your knowledge of midwifery vocab with this quiz. Recommend you do this with oxytocin promoting music playing, red wine in situ, chocolate at 140bpm, and emergency biscuit trolley on standby.

(Please know this is just a bit of fun - acronyms vary a bit from place to place, and though useful in certain situations to speed up information transfer, many midwives try not to use them as they can cause confusion, and block info from the all important Mums and families. But -- you have got to laugh at no. 4 in particular!! :) )

December 23, 2015 0

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