Secret Community for Midwives in the Making

Secret Community for Midwives in the Making

Secret Community for Midwives in the MakingI’ve started a group for Midwives in the Making on Facebook. You can find it here, and if you click ‘join’ I’ll make sure your request is approved.

I started this group (and in fact my site in general) because I believe advice for people wanting to become midwives, student midwives, and midwives themselves should be high quality, uncensored, and free :)

Yes I’ve written and sell a book on Amazon on ‘Becoming a Student Midwife‘and also offer professional services, for those who want the information all in one place, or extra help.

But the idea is you can find anything you need for free on here, or you can message me for support.

I want to tell you all of this stuff because it will help you earn a place on a midwifery course – but also because it will make you into a better candidate and a better student midwife once you hit the deck. And that makes the profession better!

So, if you have confidential question you don’t want out in the open, or just want to be in a community of like minded people, come and join us on the ‘Secret Community For Midwives in the Making‘.

P.S: We’re up to nearly 100 members in one day – I thought it might just be me in a weird little secret group, but loads of people want in on it! :)

Midwifery Career Moves

Midwifery Career Moves

Hi midwives and midwives in the making, I hope you’re having a good week. Whether you’re on days, nights, split shifts or just a crazy any hour schedule  midwifery can get pretty exhausting, but I hope you’re getting enough rest and spending some time on just you.

This is a Midwife Motivation Monday, just for you midwives and midwives in the making, to help you remember how exciting the career is :)

Midwifery Career Moves

Having a special coffee out, spending quality time planning your next holiday, or just having an extra hour in bed can  help you keep passionate about your much needed profession, and give really excellent care to your women. We can’t achieve brilliant self care all of the time, that comes with the territory – but we can aim for it and look after ourselves!

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Midwifery Personal Statement for UCAS

Midwifery Personal Statement for UCAS – Funny!

It can be seriously painful trying to write your midwifery personal statement for UCAS.

So much passion, so many life experiences…only 4000 characters.

Midwifery Personal Statement for UCAS

Have a chuckle and a break with these 6 ‘ways you know you’re writing your midwifery personal statement’:

  1. You spend hours trying to work out what the difference is between a ’personal skill’ and a ‘transferrable skill’
  2. You stare at your screen until it starts to go fuzzy, and small drops of blood form on your forehead
  3. You’re worried about not having kids as it might mean you’re less likely to get onto the course. You’ve considered lying, but you realise this wouldn’t fulfill the criteria of ‘honest professional conduct’…
  4. So you plan to immediately have a baby. It’ll be 3 months old when the next midwifery admission cycle starts, which will be totally do-able
  5. You find your first draft tucked away in a random folder and are pretty sure it’s better than your 42nd one. Your scream scares the children.
  6. You realise your vocabulary is now permanently scattered with words like ‘holistic’, ‘empowering, ‘socioeconomic’ and ‘mother-infant dyad’

(psst, please consider sharing this if you think it’s funny :) )

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keeping passionate about midwifery

Keeping Passionate About Midwifery

Hi Midwives and Midwives in the Making, I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. I hope you’ve felt supported by your colleagues and in turn supported your women through the astonishing process of having children. I hope you’re getting enough rest and having enough good experiences to keep you sailing through the challenges.

I’ve had a rather life changing week; I have moved back to the UK from New Zealand, in part to make sure MidwifeDiaries gets much more attention from me. Stand by for new stuff!

keeping passionate about midwifery

A lot of the emails I get at the moment from students and midwives are about keeping passionate about midwifery. How to re-discover your passion is a popular question.

I can relate. I love my job and always have, but when I started training, I had the amusingly misguided view that I’d always be full of beans and happy to be working.

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Avoid Midwifery Burnout

Avoid Midwifery Burnout

Hi Midwives and Midwives in the Making, this post is a good excuse to drop you a line reminding you all to avoid midwifery burnout! I had a long chat with a friend of mine who works in the NHS this week. It’s so easy to get to the point of exhaustion when we do manic hours and manic work.

avoid midwifery burnout

Remember, the rest of the world who aren’t holding a profession together believe:

“To prevent fatigue and worry, the first rule is: Rest often. Rest before you get tired.”

-Dale Carnegie

We do such a fundamentally important job that we must look after ourselves for the good of the women. It’s so easier said than done, but please do something good for yourself today – take a long nap, watch a favourite TV show, make plans with a friend, get your next holiday booked.

And if I haven’t got you convinced, I made you this to convince you to take some self care time!


Avoid Midwifery Burnout

Do you know a midwife or midwife in the making who could use a reminder to look after themselves? Please share this post with them!

What’s your favourite way to wind down and have me time? I’d love it if you could let me know in the comments so we can learn from each other.


Oxytocin and Stress

And so, the day has come. The one I was dreading. I am having to write a post on midwife motivation while not feeling very motivated myself!

In case you’re not one of MidwifeDiaries’ small but exclusive group of 70 subscribers (70? MADNESS! Where did you all come from?? Hello, it’s very lovely you’re here), and you haven’t come across Midwife Motivation Mondays before, I’ll explain. Monday is the day I post to inspire and motivate midwives (and midwives in the making).  I generally take a topic that makes me remember why I’m so excited by midwifery and share it.

But I’m having a hard time with that today….

On shift, do you ever feel like there’s just far too much to do? Do you ever get the feeling you’re swimming upstream? But sometimes the current is so hard it feels like you’re not getting anywhere at all, or perhaps you’re even going backwards? And sometimes it just feels like it would be better to swim to the side,  squidge your toes into the muddy bank of giving up, and go and find your towel of failure?

Oxytocin love hormone Stress

Yeah. It’s been one of those weeks. But obviously, I’ll keep going, I’ll always try.

Maybe it’s just because we’re busy. Sometimes I really worry about myself and my colleagues and our stress levels. I worry about midwives’ health.Oxytocin love hormone Stress

20 minutes later, merlot in hand:

I went off and did what I usually do when I’m tired and cross and should be writing: I surfed YouTube. And I came across a fascinating lecture from Kelly McGonigal, health psychologist. She has very interesting research for anyone coping with stress, but in particular labouring women, and the midwives working with them.

This has reassured me on lots of levels. It directly credits midwifery philosophy, and also reassures me that we’re not all essentially working ourselves into early graves. It’s also perked me right up and made me appreciate midwifery again.

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