Women with AIS

Looking After the Childbearing Mothers who are Genetically Male: Swyer Syndrome and AIS

Welcome to another Midwife Motivation Monday! I hope since last week you’ve had some wonderful things happen at work (and I mean that in the true sense of the word; ‘wonder’ and ‘full’). I hope you have loved the important job you do, and your clients have appreciated your care.

Whether you’re feeling like you have the best job in the world, or you’re having one of those rough weeks where sleep is hard to come by and everything seems hard,  Midwife Motivation Mondays is here for midwives and midwives in the making.

It’s all about getting some inspiration through finding out new stuff about midwifery, motivation, and some cool information to inform your practice.

I’m really excited about today’s topic as I’ve had the privilege of interviewing someone with an intersex condition about her healthcare. She consented to let me quote her in this post. Over my career I’ve looked after several women with conditions like this and it’s not something we’re given a lot of training on – even though we can have a profoundly positive effect on these women’s experience of motherhood. Continue reading


Oxytocin and Stress

And so, the day has come. The one I was dreading. I am having to write a post on midwife motivation while not feeling very motivated myself!

In case you’re not one of MidwifeDiaries’ small but exclusive group of 70 subscribers (70? MADNESS! Where did you all come from?? Hello, it’s very lovely you’re here), and you haven’t come across Midwife Motivation Mondays before, I’ll explain. Monday is the day I post to inspire and motivate midwives (and midwives in the making).  I generally take a topic that makes me remember why I’m so excited by midwifery and share it.

But I’m having a hard time with that today….

On shift, do you ever feel like there’s just far too much to do? Do you ever get the feeling you’re swimming upstream? But sometimes the current is so hard it feels like you’re not getting anywhere at all, or perhaps you’re even going backwards? And sometimes it just feels like it would be better to swim to the side,  squidge your toes into the muddy bank of giving up, and go and find your towel of failure?

Oxytocin love hormone Stress

Yeah. It’s been one of those weeks. But obviously, I’ll keep going, I’ll always try.

Maybe it’s just because we’re busy. Sometimes I really worry about myself and my colleagues and our stress levels. I worry about midwives’ health.Oxytocin love hormone Stress

20 minutes later, merlot in hand:

I went off and did what I usually do when I’m tired and cross and should be writing: I surfed YouTube. And I came across a fascinating lecture from Kelly McGonigal, health psychologist. She has very interesting research for anyone coping with stress, but in particular labouring women, and the midwives working with them.

This has reassured me on lots of levels. It directly credits midwifery philosophy, and also reassures me that we’re not all essentially working ourselves into early graves. It’s also perked me right up and made me appreciate midwifery again.

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Premature Birth and Survival

Premature Birth and Survival

Hello Midwives and Midwives in the making, this is another Midwife Motivation Monday! I post every Monday to help keep us focussed on all the privileges and rewarding moments of our profession. To prevent me feeling like a deranged midwifery motivational speaker just saying ‘midwifery is awesome….it’s just so awesome!’ over and over, each Monday I pick an inspirational or motivational topic backed up by hard science.

I’ve had an……um…..erm…..intense week. The words ‘shit‘, ‘magnet‘ and ‘Ellie is a‘ have been thrown around by my colleagues. How rude! I’ve given my adrenal glands a good work out, but don’t worry, no Mums or babies were damaged during the week of this post. In some cases their well-being was significantly improved thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, and judicious use of  theatre, syntocinon, and magnesium sulphate, not necessarily in that order. 

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Midwifery and Nursing Essay Writing Help

Midwifery and Nursing Essay Writing Help: Motivation

I wrote this post on behalf of an epic, supportive and secret facebook group dedicated to student midwives and nurses. This is Part One of a Two part series on essays. Part Two, which is on how to actually write your essay, can be found here.

This post is on getting your motivation together to start your essay.

Midwifery and Nursing Essay Writing Help
Me writing an essay. You may find the pen in the mouth technique helpful to stop you drinking all the wine too.

On the secret facebook group I’m part of, the midwifery and nursing students were discussing using essay writing companies.

I got fantastically cross when I heard this, as these companies target tired, vulnerable students struggling to keep up with their courses and can charge up to 500 gbp per essay. Aside from the cost, it’s actually a professional offence to use such companies. Even if you’re pre-registration you can be (at least in theory) be hauled up in front of a Fitness to Practice Hearing. Gulp.

It’s also really sad to use these companies in my opinion. Essay writing can be brilliant fun and a great way to consolidate your learning. I adore reading and always have, and typing up complex but clear arguments has been known to give me chills up and down my spine. I want to pass this enthusiasm on to you.

Midwifery and Nursing Essay Writing Help

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The role of a midwife

The Role of a Midwife

Hello out there midwives and midwives to be in Internet land, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Welcome to this Midwife Motivation Monday. I’ve had an introspective time over the last 7 days, rounded off by listening to an interesting lecture recommended by an obstetrician friend.

This explains why I’m tackling the ‘the role of a midwife’ in this week’s post.

the role of a midwifeI hope this week you’ve had some great outcomes for your women and families. We see women at their most vulnerable, most happy, most at risk, most in need of someone to listen. You offer things no other professional working in health care can and you should be proud of it. And that goes for you people working towards being midwives too!

So: the role of a midwife.

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midwives and water births

Midwives and Water Births

Welcome to another Midwife Motivation Monday, the place to get midwifery mojo back.  This job can give you some of the best experiences of your life – but it can also be very hard work at times! On MidwifeDiaries.com, Monday is the day I try to write to give myself (and hopefully you!) perspective on how important and valued midwives really are.

I hope the last 7 days have been good to you midwifery wise. I hope you’ve had happy precipitate primips coming out of your ears, and exclusive breastfeeders, and magnificent multips. I hope the documentation wasn’t too bad, and I hope you had good camaraderie with your colleagues. Or if you’re studying, I hope you’ve got good assignments you can see the point of. Ones that will help you look after the women!

Black and white photo of me as I was very tired it's slightly more flattering. There's only so much you can do with editing.
This is me being tired on shift. Black and white photo = slightly more flattering.

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