Computer Life Hacks For Midwives

Using your computer without knowing these is like cutting your lawn with scissors.  It’s exhausting, a waste of calories, and eventually you’ll end up with carpal tunnel.

You can skip this post if you’re think you’re brilliant with computers. However, recently I’ve been really surprised that even friends  I thought were a bit nerdy tech savvy don’t know this stuff.  Certainly lots of clever, good Midwives haven’t come across them.

Take a big breath and relax; what I’m about to show you is not hard to understand, you’ve probably just never been told about shortcuts. Honestly, remember half of these tricks and they will serve you for life. They will make your life on computers and online a lot easier:

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Moon Rise

Nightshift Exhaustion

Erg, nightshift is hard. I tend to cope ok on shift – just about – but for two days after I’m fatigued. All I seem to be able to do is sit and watch youtube videos.

Well, not quite, I’ve done a bit of housework today but when I got up this morning I realised we’d lost the sink, the carpet and the spare room to general clutter so I didn’t really have a choice. It feels much nicer to be sleepy in a tidy room.

Aside from copious amount of caffeine from tea (coffee in large quantities gives me tummy ache), I have a few other tactics I use during nightshift:

  • I don’t expect too much. I get the job done and well, but I don’t expect to be as on it as I am during the day. For instance, I’ll leave checking emails, getting discharge notes done, etc. for day shifts

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Interview School

5 Key Interview Questions – With Strong Example Answers

This is the first Interview School post, which will help educate you to be a competitive candidate when interviewing to become a midwife.

I haven’t found this kind of support anywhere else online! Strong candidates that would make excellent midwives don’t always have the interview skills to help them along.  Midwife Diaries’ Interview School can help – and it’s free.

This first post is on the 5 key interview questions every candidate should prepare answers for. These questions, or adaptations of them, will almost certainly be asked in your interview.

It’s very helpful for people preparing for their entry to midwifery interview to see real interview questions, and example answers. It helps midwives in the making to put the interview in context and craft impressive, accurate and personal answers.

You should definitely know what you’d reply to the following questions:

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Interviewing soon? Have you thought about what you’ll say about the Francis Report?

It’s a hot topic that is coming up in Midwifery Interviews at the moment; the Francis report and recommendations. I was having a chat with someone on a forum who is interviewing today (14th April 2014), and she was worried about how to address the topic.

I can understand why – it’s obviously very important to have good knowledge of what the report was and what it means for midwives. However it’s been dragged out messily in the press since 2000, and there are 290 suggestions to improve UK healthcare in the report. The whole case is a mess, it’s hard to understand, and even harder to answer an interview question on it in a way that will impress interviewers.

To help, here’s a summary of what went on:

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Smiling Baby

The truth about smiling and babies…

It’s Midwife Motivation Monday week three! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and are feeling fascinated, empowered and valued as midwives and midwives in the making.

But I also know it’s easy to get tired and frustrated – which is what Midwife Motivation Mondays is all about. It’s a place for you to get your mojo back and recall exactly why midwifery is such an important, life changing job.

This week is all about smiling and babies. I know parents ask me all the time when newborns first smile – and often look at their beautiful, blissed out baby post feed and say ‘well that’s obviously just wind’…

The truth is babies smile even in utero from around 26 weeks.

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Shiftwork and Exercise..or..I DON’T WANT TO GO FOR A RUN!

I’m sat here in my pyjamas, looking out at the slightly cold and grey environment waiting for me. New Zealand in general, and the land I live on in particular is very beautiful, but at this time of year the weather’s becoming colder. Little rivers of light are starting to come through the clouds and it’ll be a lovely sunrise (I’ve been on morning shifts so now I am not capable of sleeping in) – but – I really don’t want to go for a run. I’m busy, my site’s expanding fast, I’m working nearly full time as a midwife and I’m doing a ton of other life stuff right now. I feel like exercise is almost a waste of time. I bet you’ve felt the same.

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