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"Anyone considering interview prep with Ellie, it is 1000% worth it. (I could) deal with everything on the day. So much so I got an offer 24 hours after my interview!" - Sophia

Book a mock interview with me to prepare for your Multiple Mini Interview or traditional style midwifery selection day.

Gain midwifery knowledge, insight into the way you communicate, and get used to handling questions under pressure so you can shine.

We'll work together to make sure you go in feeling confident.

£69.99/session - Your interview will take place via video chat, and be of 60 minutes duration, to mimic a real midwifery interview. You will receive interview feedback orally via video chat during the same session, and comprehensive written feedback via email to allow you to develop your knowledge and technique.

Ellie dispelled my doubts and I was feeling much more confident, ready to take up this interview!

… And just one week later, I got an unconditional offer!!!

We'll put you in the diary at a time that suits you, and after the questions we'll have a comprehensive feedback and teaching session where we can get stuck in to what went well and what could be improved.

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Just thought I'd let you know that I've just received a conditional offer from Northumbria following my interview on the 30th!!
A massive thank you for all your help with my interview technique!

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I really don't think I would've been offered a place without doing a practice run. Your interview coaching was amazing at settling my nerves and keeping me focused.

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I approached Ellie for 121 coaching to help me through my midwifery interviews. During my first cycle of applying I received 2 interview invites, but had no idea what the interviewers would be looking for or how best to show my passion for midwifery.

Ellie's support was invaluable, she took the time to read my personal statement and we had a 20 minute interview via Skype.

Her feedback was focused and really showed me how I could quickly show the interviewers what I could bring to midwifery (without waffling!).

Ellie also provided me with a reading list to help me improve my answers further.

I found the university interviews I attended followed pretty much the same format as my interview with Ellie, and understanding what they were looking for help me relax and really enjoy the interviews. It must have worked as I received next day offers from both universities!

Thank you so much Ellie, I can't wait to start my dream now.

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I had my interview today and I felt so confident and comfortable, I had literally amazed myself.
Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


(Freja was successful at her one and only interview)

Ellie gave me a lot of confidence which is so important. She asked great questions and made me think about some aspects of midwifery in a new perspective. She also gave me a lot of useful advice on how to perform well in interviews.  I was much better prepared for the interview after her coaching than before.

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I was worried I couldn't get my passion across as I had in my personal statement. The mock interview was a perfect choice for me to prepare.

Ellie really challenged me with additional bespoke questions to my personal statement.

The feedback was in-depth with an opportunity to ask questions, an experience you just can't find anywhere else. I really can't thank you enough Ellie for all your guidance and encouragement.

I gained the confidence to walk into my interview and give it everything with a belief that I CAN DO THIS. 

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I booked Ellie's interview service, as I get so nervous and I really didn't know what to expect. I am so pleased I did!

The questions were similar to my real interview, I felt so much more confident, and Ellie directed me to just the kind of revision I needed to answer questions with in depth and current midwifery knowledge.

I so highly recommend this service, THANK YOU ELLIE!!

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


I am so ecstatic to report that I've got a place and will be starting to train as a midwife! Ellie you are truly inspirational, I am so emotional, but I just wanted to say Thankyou so much for your wonderful mock interview.

It was just what I needed to change my approach and truly get across my passion and commitment to this profession - thankyou again!!'

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


Thank you so makes a huge difference to the way I think about answering questions and what the interviewer is looking for.  Huge thanks again,

You are inspirational and the service was worth every penny!
Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


'I had an interview at top choice university, but I was extremely nervous about it. It was my one and only interview, so I only had this one shot…

I live in France but midwifery studies here are completely different, and that’s why I wish to study in the UK. However the whole interview process was really new to me, and I had to do my interview preparation, reading, etc…, entirely on my own. I really wasn’t sure whether it would be enough or right, compared to the other applicants.

Plus, not being a native English speaker, I was really worried about the fact that maybe I wouldn’t be able to make myself clear enough on the interview day.

I already knew Ellie’s website and it had already helped me a lot for my preparation. But two days prior to my interview, I noticed she also had an interview preparation coaching service, which sounded exactly like what I needed. Not only did she reply almost instantly to my request, she was also kind enough to make some time for me on the day before my interview. She asked me if there was something specific I wanted to focus on (for me it was mostly MMIs and scenario questions, and confidence boost!).

We set up a Skype meeting during which she asked me all about my motivations and vision about the role of midwives, and she helped me to rephrase my answers in order to make them sound even more convincing.

Then put me into an MMI context with several scenario questions, which were all very interesting and helped me understand how to address any kind of scenario.

Needless to say, Ellie did wonders! In just one session, she helped me A LOT. Not only because she reassured me and answered all my questions, but also because she gave me some essential tips and keys in order to answer scenario questions, even when they feel completely unrelated to midwifery...

After only a couple of hours, she had dispelled my doubts and I was feeling much more confident, ready to take up this interview!

… And just one week later, I got an unconditional offer!!!

Thanks a million Ellie, wouldn’t have done it without you!!!'

Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching


'Ellie, How Exactly Does Your 'Video Chat Interview Coaching' Work?'

First, I'll ask you for your personal statement and a few other bits and pieces. This is to make sure the interview I write will address your strengths and weaknesses, and what individual Universities may be looking for. Your Interview can be via:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Skype
  • Google Chat
  • or a phone call

And will be at a flexible time to suit you. You should treat opening up your chat window or picking up your phone as the beginning of your interview. It will be conducted formally, to make it as close to the real thing as possible. Following your interview, we'll have a detailed chat about how things went, and how you could improve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

'Ellie, I have a MMI (Mini Mock Interview) selection day. Can you help me revise?' Absolutely, I have experience supporting candidates preparing for this type of interview. I also have connections in the careers adviser world, to keep up to date with Uni interviewing methods.

'What's the price of this service? And how do I pay?' The Video Chat Advanced Interview Coaching service is £69.99. When you've booked a service, I'll send a paypal invoice via email.

'How fast is the service? Is last minute support available?' 10005872_1479538522328973_9037434628105250014_oUsually we schedule interviews within a week of you making contact. If your interview is in a few days, we'll get your service sorted asap.


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