£69.99 (After 29/1/21, my fee will rise to £100)

Please book as early as possible so we can get you in before your interview 🙂

We'll meet on Zoom and replicate the type of interview that you have coming up. These sessions are all about gaining midwifery knowledge and strengthening your interview technique but also helping you feel comfortable with the setup.

I love doing these sessions, I know interviews can be stressful but helping you get your passion across in timed conditions is thrilling for me. I love to hear about your midwifery aspirations and it's likely we'll discuss further strengths that you haven't thought of. This can really help with confidence when you walk into the interview room.

These sessions are an hour long; part one will be the mock interview part, and part two will be feedback.

Depending on what your universities set, we can cover preparation for:

A Panel Interview - we'll cover the essential questions like 'Why do you want to be a midwife?', 'Tell me about the current challenges midwives face?' and 'Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses'. I'll also cover some more challenging questions, including midwifery scenarios.

A Multiple Mini Interview - we'll go through the strategy and mindset needed to answer questions on the spot. I'll set your practice questions under timed conditions and then offer feedback and pointers

A Group Interview - we can replicate the questions and conditions on Zoom together, and then talk about your performance

These sessions are perfect revision for anyone interviewing online because of COVID.

    • We can also do a combination of any type of interview, depending on your needs
    • We can cover specific questions you find problematic, or concentrate on nerves
    • We can talk through any concerns you have about the application process
    • You'll get a recording of your interview

(Even if you don't book a session with me I highly recommend you record yourself answering practice questions and then watch it back. It's one of the most effective ways to work on your performance).

There are a limited number of these sessions available, as there's only one of me and I'm doing return to practice soon. But I've put aside a certain number of days to offer this support, so let me know as soon as possible.

Fill out the form below to confirm availability and I'll get you scheduled in. Looking forward to meeting you!

The help Ellie gave me pushed me to put in the work and perfect my answers and really gave me that confidence that I could walk into the interviews and absolutely smash them! I would recommend the help to absolutely anyone! And guess what? No nerves!!

One to One Interview Coaching

Caitlin, Successful Midwifery Applicant

Ellie talked me through continuity of care, the importance of confidentiality and how this is part of the NMC code, and I then went to read more. This lead me to strong answers.

I know without Ellie's help and guidance I wouldn't have been anywhere near as strong as I was.
One to One Interview Coaching

Danielle, Successful Midwifery Candidate

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