Midwife/Writer Sessions


We're all busy because of COVID-19. But with the time I've got free, I either want to be writing or supporting other people's writing.

I've gained a lot from other writers over the years, so I'm very pleased to be offering the following...

The Walk and Talk

This is my favourite way of catching up with my writer friends right now. We'll talk via mobile while taking an isolation walk together. For me, this means walking down by the river Cam, with my favourite pen and some index cards to make notes in transit.
      • We'll discuss your ideas and work out what's stopping you starting or continuing. We'll come up with different methods to get you telling the extraordinary stories you have to offer
      • We'll discuss how you might see it through to the end, even with very little time
      • As part of this service, we'll discuss what the key themes of your work are and what it really means to you
I'll handwrite these key parts of the puzzle onto post-it notes, and mail them to you. These are a vital part of my book projects, I keep them on the wall above my computer to keep my sense of direction and I suggest you do the same.

The Zoom Chat

We'll get together on Zoom to talk about your project. How we spend this time is up to you but it'd be great to see some of your work before we start.
      • We can edit your writing together and work out why it's important and worthy
      • You might want practical support, like how to structure your work, the logistics of writing a book or blog, or how to publish around professional boundaries
      • We'll discuss what the key themes or question you're trying to answer in this piece of work might be.
You'll receive a recording of the session so you can come back to it.
As above, we'll discuss the key themes and questions of your work, and I'll handwrite these out for you on coloured post-its and mail them to you.

As of 3/5/2020 there's a waiting list. Email ellie@midwifediaries.com to join

Drop me a line letting me know if you'd like more information...

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