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Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Coaching

Everyone's different. My normal coaching means you need a draft already done - but there are premium coaching services available where we can work together from brainstorming to submission. Quick turn around is possible too. For these services I'd need to check we're a good fit, so fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your request and I'll get back to you asap 🙂

Write From The Heart

We will work together via email to get your personal statement written from the heart, and showcasing your qualities and transferrable skills.

Comprehensive Support

A personal statement one-to-one coaching service is for one full service, but I do have a quick look through and proof read just before you send your statement off as well, to make sure there are no errors. I spend 4-6 hours giving as much comprehensive feedback as possible, and try very hard to make sure it's everything you need to write an outstanding statement.

Detailed Written Feedback

I always offer a wide range of improvements that you can choose to implement or not. After all, it's your personal statement and most of what I do is to teach you how to be relevant and show yourself best in a competitive midwifery application process.

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How The Service Works and What I Try To Achieve When Working With You

Writing a UCAS personal statement is both a science and a creative art. One that can have the best of us kicking the cat! Writing a midwifery personal statement, because of the immense competition, is harder still. We will work together via email to get your personal statement written from the heart, and showcasing your qualities and transferable skills. I spend 5-6 hours with each personal statement, and the service also includes proof reading and help with that all important character count. I will also coach you to use source material, teach you which important midwifery topics you should know inside and out, and for me, the most important element of the service...

I aim to get you thinking on the same wavelength as a midwife, which means you can take your knowledge and understanding on to interview and beyond.

I've had fantastic success with students, working with undergraduates to PhD students, and everyone in between. If you think I'd be a good fit for you and would like to work together, I'd love to hear from you.

Personal Statement Coaching is currently priced £49.99 for a first service, £37.99 for second or subsequent reviews.


'What exactly is the service?' The best way to show you what the service involves is for you to have a look at this 'Before and After' Personal Statement.

'What's the turnaround time?' That depends on the time of year and how booked up I am - often it's a couple of days, sometimes it can be a week, but if you have a certain deadline please let me know and I'll do my utmost to meet your needs.

'Isn't it unfair you're giving this kind of help? Won't UCAS spot plagiarism with their software?' No, as it's going to be totally your work 🙂 I just give comprehensive support.  You can see more on this question here. '

How did you get into this support lark Ellie?' I can best explain in this post. '

I have dyslexia (or another specialist learning need). Can you help me with this?'uniskills I can still offer support for your personal statement, and will take into account special learning needs. If you want more support from a specialist diverse learning needs tutor, I can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Sisson, a former midwife who will teach you to learn in your own style for degree level work. She does video chat sessions, and if you mention MidwifeDiaries, you'll get 10% off. You can find her here.

10% off for readers of 'Becoming A Student Midwife', via leaving a review on Amazon!

'I would just like to thank you for all the amazing help and tips I have received from the personal statement school. I was struggling so much, this was just what I needed! I failed to get any interviews with my first application but after writing a lovely personal statement that I am proud of with your help I've managed to bag myself 5 out of 5 interviews this time around! I'm absolutely over the moon and cannot thank you enough. So scared for the interviews but I am much closer to achieving my dream than I ever was before. THANK YOU ELLIE!

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


This helped me in so many ways, and gave me an insight into so much about midwifery I didn't know. I would definitely recommend it, whether you're having a hard time writing your personal statement or not, this helped me improve it.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Some people might have reservations about the cost of the service but I would say to these people that when you see how much work goes into it from you they will definitely see that the money it worthwhile and very well spent. Your friendly, approachable nature made me feel at ease straight away and I felt I could ask any questions that I had. The helpful thing for me was the topics that you suggested focusing on which I might not have thought about including if I had not used this service. Your feedback allowed me to make my personal statement more punchy (I learnt less is more sometimes). I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is struggling writing their personal statements or is trying to improve it.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Ellie's personal statement coaching service was invaluable, she goes to great lengths to help you write an amazing statement, helping with word count, sourcing information for you to read and include and is supportive throughout her feedback. It really helped me deal with the stress of writing a personal statement and start to enjoy writing it again and I'm certain that the admissions tutors will see that.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Writing a personal statement can be such a daunting experience and the thought of falling at the first hurdle can be so worrying. The support and guidance I received from Midwife Diaries was invaluable. Ellie was quick to respond to emails and offered constructive advice on how I could improve my personal statement which I simply can't put a price on. I now have an unconditional offer to a fantastic university in the heart of London and could not be happier! Thank you! '

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'I would recommend Ellie’s service to anyone to get to the interview stage. Entering this process, it seemed terrifying and impossible, but Ellie gave me the help and confidence I needed to show the admissions tutors my skills. Ellie doesn’t write your statement for you, but she helps you to showcase the best of yourself in what you have already written. I now have 5/5 interviews and an offer (still waiting to hear back from the rest!) and cannot believe it! Without Ellie’s services, I don’t think I would be in this amazing position - the investment is so worth it as I know that I won’t have to go through this process all over again 🙂 Thank you so much, Ellie!'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Hi Ellie!!

Just wanted to let you know I've had an offer from my only choice today!! 🙂

Thank you so much for helping with my personal statement! You've helped me achieve my dream!

Thank you so much,

Zoe xx'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'I found my second draft was ten times better. I came across much more organised with my approach and it allowed me to remember to cover multiple aspects of my experience to present myself as a more well rounded candidate. For this, I am very thankful! Secondly, Ellie gives lots of suggestions of alternative material to read to provide further useful information regarding the role of the midwife, rules and standards and industry research. I took the opportunity to do lots of further reading based on these suggestions. I truly believe it helped me to come across as a knowledgeable candidate and developed my confidence going into interview.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Thank you - I felt I wasn't getting my passion for midwifery across very well and my personality didn't come across well either. Your suggestions have been fantastic! They have shown me how to put what I wanted to into my statement but didn't know how. I really can't thank you enough. I feel that I will finally have a statement I'm happy with and can be proud of. I will be writing a post to let everyone know just how fantastic and invaluable your service is, I already feel so much happier and more confident with my statement which is something I didn't think was possible. Thank you again, kind regards.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


Thanks so much for your feedback and additional changes - they seem spot on. I was really unsure whether to use a professional service, but regardless of the outcome of applying this year I'd recommend the investment to anyone. It has improved not only my statement, but also clarified my motivation for applying! Thanks again.

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'Hi Ellie

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the personal statement.

After working with you I got 3 out of 4 interviews and a place at my first choice 🙂 ( With Conditions )

Thank you so much again...... I will 100% be recommending you to all my friends that need help with getting into Uni.

Many thanks '

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'The only difference between the first year I applied and the second year was Ellie. The first year I wrote what I thought was a good personal statement and sent it off with fingers crossed. I didn't get invited to any interviews and was devastated. After licking my wounds I decided to have another go at applying. I sent my personal statement to Ellie..guiding me in the right direction and advising me on what was important to include and what was not as important. This year I received invites to 3 universities for interview. I withdrew because I received an offer from my top choice! My only regret is not using Ellie's service the first year I applied.'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


'I owe you a fantastic review on Midwife Diaries- I can now say that you helped me to get 5/5 interviews! So how can I leave feedback for other aspiring midwives to see? What you offer is exceptional so I really want to let people know that :)'

Midwifery UCAS Personal Statement Service


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