If you'd like help preparing for your Multiple Mini Interview, but you're not ready to invest in a one to one session, this Udemy workshop is for you. It includes:

  • A video course which suggests some approaches for answering any question, and puts you on the spot to answer and perfect your performance
  • Resources on midwifery knowledge and current events, so everything you say is underpinned with insight
  • A final MMI questions quiz, to ensure you're ready and you can shine

Watch a video preview explaining more here.


NB: Udemy sets the price of this course so it may fluctuate. If it's on sale, nab it!



We'll meet on Zoom to ensure you have the midwifery knowledge and technique you need but also the confidence. I love these sessions which are as much about feeling comfortable and knowing your strengths as perfecting your performance.

Whether you're preparing for a panel interview, MMI, group interview, we can tackle the dragons.

My aim with these is to cover what you need but also help you be yourself in an interview. This is key if you want to show what you have to offer and enjoy the opportunity.

Book a session.

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