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Ellie Durant
Hi, I'm Ellie and my goal is to help you become a fantastic midwife. I qualified as a midwife in the UK and have worked in both the UK and New Zealand. Now I'm a midwifery writer and support giver.

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‘Are you sure you’re not in denial?’ – Emotional Landscapes [1]

‘Are you sure you’re not in denial?’ – Emotional Landscapes [1]

Part 1 ‘Are you sure you’re not in denial?’


It was March 2015. I don’t remember the exact date, but say it was a Monday. I was living in Leicester with my partner. We shared directorship of a small business. I was into writing and online midwifery community building; he did some Amazon trading and helped me with web design. We had a grey corner sofa, savings, a plan to have kids, and a long history of doing international cycling adventures together. We’d been in a relationship for almost 7 years, good friends for nearer 10.

By Thursday, I was living with my parents because he was in love with someone else. 


July 12, 2020 1

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