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Ellie Durant
Hi, I'm Ellie and my goal is to help you become a fantastic midwife. I qualified as a midwife in the UK and have worked in both the UK and New Zealand. Now I'm a midwifery writer and support giver.

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Should We Apply #MeToo to Birth – Webinar with Milli Hill

Should We Apply #MeToo to Birth – Webinar with Milli Hill

Here's my debate with birth activist Milli Hill about whether #MeToo should apply to birth.

It's up now! You can stop asking me for the replay! 😉

Thanks for all the questions, there were some brave ones.

Not to detract from the seriousness but Milli is hysterical - love the story about talking about birth rights on a train, Milli reports it 'was like that Peter Kay stand up about garlic bread.'

People just didn't get the concept. Birth? And rights? We don't need that in the UK, do we?


Answers to this question and much more can be found in Milli's new book, 'Give Birth Like A Feminist', out 22nd August.

Leave me a comment - I bet you have an opinion! Should We Apply #MeToo to Birth?

Thanks to Milli Hill and to you for listening. Much love and respect to birth workers leading the way x



August 17, 2019 3

Concerned about bullying in midwifery?

Concerned about bullying in midwifery?

Yeah, me too. That's why I've got a chat with a mw researcher looking at 'civility' coming up. 'Civility' is just a research term for being nice and kind and polite.

I'll make a magic link where you can attend the video chat and ask any questions. Deidre Munro is a total lovely.

This will be in 'Wholehearted Midwives'. If you sign up to this chat you get access to the forum for a month too. It's £4.99/month, get a refund if it's not for you (within 10 days).

Or drop me a message as you sign up and I'll email you to remind you to cancel after the month if you like.


Se you Monday at 6pm!

NB. This event is now over. Here's what we found out:

'What's very clear is that civility saves lives.

But otherwise, the concept is fluid. Civility doesn't have one definition and changes depending on culture and current events.

Individuals have different takes too, what's incivility or bullying to one ?is just someone having a whinge to others.

This means it's impossible to write a guideline specifying how you s??hould behave in practice? and actually, that'd be awful. Monitoring stuff like? ?micro?expressions and voice decibel level?? ?Creepy.??

?Our researcher ?also ?mentioned something I've come to realise ?and that the ?evidence shows:

?People being uncivil often ?have something horrific going on in their personal life - or they've been bullied themselves.

On one level I'm reassured by ?this because it's easier to know that people aren't ?mean, they're in pain.

But on another, when you're standing up for yourself, it's easier to think you're in the right and they're just a bully.

The main take away for me is that we're all making it up as we go along and this bullying or ?'?incivility?'? thing ?is a multidimensional mess of misunderstandings?.?

I have so many questions.

?Is it possible to ?develop? a 'toolkit' to deal with difficult behaviour?? While still respecting the colleague in mind? (Our midwifery researcher mentioned the SBAR tool for communicating)?.??

How do we suggest ?a toolkit? without implying it's ?every staff member's? responsibility to deal with ?incivility?, i.e. the whole resilience debacle?

How do we respectfully help those who are behaving badly?

What gives me the right to class behaviour as bullying?

?Should we be writing about this online or ?should we leave it until we have more evidence??

Memory's a funny thing. ?Now I'm writing this I realise these are all questions that were raised in the conference on midwifery culture I ran in 2017.

It's great we're thinking about all this in the research and it's too important of a topic to ignore until we have all the facts.

?It's fantastic that? practice appears? to be changing. ?I?f we look at? the Caring for you Campaign, the mention of staff culture in ?Better Birth and ?really ?the last 50 years of changes in? NHS there's a lot to be hopeful about.

I'll going to keep? writing about ?bullying and civility? because it's too important to worry about getting it wrong.

But I'll be more careful to press the fact that ever?y NHS staff member??, even if they're causing pain, is doing the best they can.'

June 27, 2019 0

Getting your place as a student midwife in 2020

Getting your place as a student midwife in 2020

"Invite this one for interview asap!" - your admissions tutor after reading your statement.

Get step by step instructions on writing your statement and 'Ask Me Anything' sessions so you won't get stuck.

We're in a private Facebook group, you can get help at any time.

'I now recognise I have many strengths... I would definitely recommend this group to anyone who is struggling to get started or needs help with the structure/flow of their writing.' - Gemma Davies

Join now so you can steadily write your statement and be confident about it by the beginning of August.

Reserve your spot below, scroll down and 'add to cart':

Deadline for Midwifery Personal Statement Writing Group 1st July - £9.99

UCAS opens 4th September

**This group is now full**

If you try the group and feel it's not for you you'll get a full refund.

(This isn't for people wanting one to one coaching. This is for mutual support, great if you're staring at a blank page, are having problems writing with confidence, or struggling with structure. )

Testimonials from the first group:

'The weekly prompts helped massively as it broke the process up into manageable chunks' - Lucy Jo Bradford

'I found it very helpful at keeping me on track. Prompts were really useful, loved the Ask Me Anything sessions. I have a draft written that I'm pretty confident about!' - Keeley White 

For more info or to book, see above or email me on



I'm 99.9% sure I won't be running one of these again this year due to other projects. So if you'd like to do it, now's your chance!


June 26, 2019 2

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