'Becoming a Student Midwife' Book

In Paperback and Kindle Format on Amazon

Think Like A Midwife

Designed to get you thinking like a midwife so when you become a student you'll be one step ahead.

Example Personal Statements

Good and bad personal statements analysed line by line.

Interview Strategies

Learn how to manage nervousness and perform to the best of your ability.

Example Interview Questions

Real interview questions and example reference answers.

Maths and English Tests

Four midwifery focused maths and literacy tests complete with answers and working out.

why are midwives important?

Found your book and it has reignited my excitement for midwifery! I am working towards being a student midwife and this has been really reassuring! I can actually do this!

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She seems to really remember and understand what it’s like to be at the beginning of your journey. Ellie breaks down every little step for you.

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With personal statement help, loads of practice interview Q+As, inside tips and knowledge, it gets you thinking like a midwife. It’s so competitive to get onto a course, this book is exactly what I was looking for!

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I …wanted to say a HUGE thank you! I recently like a bolt from the blue realised I want to be a midwife – and then found out how hard it is to get on a course! Your book makes it so simple to see exactly what you need to do!

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I've written a book for you that I desperately wanted 8 years ago when starting to apply for midwifery: 'Becoming a Student Midwife: The Survival Guide For Passionate Applicants'.

It's gained many glowing reviews, becoming Amazon's best selling text on entry into midwifery. It's written in plain English, and with a sense of humour to keep you smiling through the hard bits of your application! Topics includes everything from choosing your Uni, to writing your personal statement, conquering nerves, to how to give yourself an edge in interviews.

There are also over 50 practice interview questions, and help, practice tests and mark schemes, for numeracy and literacy exams.

There are also loads of resources on Midwife Diaries that are free – consider subscribing so you don't miss any excellent free resources to help you become a midwife! I hope you find the support you need here.

Ellie x

In Print And On Kindle Via Amazon

Becoming A Student Midwife

The Survival Guide For Passionate Applicants

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