Becoming a Student Midwife (Second Edition - 2017)

The Survival Guide for Passionate Applicants

Good luck, if you think you have something special to bring to women and families, midwifery needs you.

I've written a book for you that I desperately wanted 8 years ago when starting to apply for midwifery: 'Becoming a Student Midwife: The Survival Guide For Passionate Applicants'.

This is the long awaited second edition of the #1 bestselling book on midwifery applications and getting into midwifery.

Though the old book did a brilliant job and served many people well, supporting aspiring, student and qualified midwives for the last 4 years means I’ve gained much more experience about what works and what doesn’t. I wanted to get this information out there.

There's new content on the world of midwifery, MMI interviews, how to become an independent midwife in the UK by Virginia Howes, a great chapter on nerves and overcoming fear with lots of new strategies, a reading list, and a chapter with tips for your first year as a student midwife.

"Ellie Durant's book is nothing short of perfect! It contains the most valuable advice & guidance to help you get a place at university! Everything from writing your personal statement, to the pre-entry tests, to the interviews!! I have no doubt that I would not be going to university this year without the help of this book! Thank you!" - M.E Allum

(Review from first edition; this edition has 70% new content and has taken into account an extra four years' experience working with aspiring midwives.)

There are also loads of resources on Midwife Diaries that are free – consider subscribing so you don't miss any excellent free resources to help you become a midwife! I hope you find the support you need here.

Ellie x

Think Like A Midwife

Designed to get you thinking like a midwife so when you become a student you'll be one step ahead.

Example Personal Statements

Good and bad personal statements analysed line by line.

Interview Strategies

Learn how to manage nervousness and perform to the best of your ability.

Example Interview Questions

Real interview questions and example reference answers.

Maths and English Tests

Four midwifery focused maths and literacy tests complete with answers and working out.

Found your book and it has reignited my excitement for midwifery! I am working towards being a student midwife and this has been really reassuring! I can actually do this!

Becoming A Student Midwife Book



She seems to really remember and understand what it’s like to be at the beginning of your journey. Ellie breaks down every little step for you.

Becoming A Student Midwife Book



With personal statement help, loads of practice interview Q+As, inside tips and knowledge, it gets you thinking like a midwife. It’s so competitive to get onto a course, this book is exactly what I was looking for!

Becoming A Student Midwife Book



I …wanted to say a HUGE thank you! I recently like a bolt from the blue realised I want to be a midwife – and then found out how hard it is to get on a course! Your book makes it so simple to see exactly what you need to do!

Becoming A Student Midwife Book



24 Responses

  1. Gemma

    Amazing book, I only wish I had read this before I applied last year! I made so many of the mistakes mentioned in the book! This year I have so much more confidence, thanks to the advice and information from this book. Thanks Ellie!

  2. Jayne Warwick

    I read this a while ago and it was really helpful. I finally have an offer after four years of applying and I am chuffed to bits. Thanks Ellie for all of your advice 🙂

  3. Sunshine91

    I am so delighted I have found your very helpful blog. Starting the applying possess now to get into the UK (I’m from Ireland) for the 2015 intake.

    Thank you!

  4. I want to become a midwife and am afraid I will not be applied because of my grades.

  5. Sophia

    My daughter is currently doing her AS level in health and social care level 3- and she now has decided tgat she wants to become a midwife -she is 16… Where does she start ? Does she xobtinue her alevels o can she go straight into midwifery ? Please advise

  6. Do you think that this book is appropriate for aspiring midwives in Canada? I’m sure not all would apply, but I’m thinking about purchasing anyway in absence of any similar books. Thank you

    • Hi Taryn, thanks for your comment and your interest. I have got some good feedback on the book from both American and Canadian applicants – the process is not that similar, and a lots of the specifics won’t apply, which is the downside. But, the midwifery research, overall guidance on application writing and interview technique, and references to what it means to be a midwife have been found helpful. I hope this helps with your decision as to whether it’s a good fit for you or not, and best wishes on your application.

  7. Karoli

    Hello, I would be so interested in this book but is the online version also available?

    • Hi Karoli, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately these days we don’t have the e-book version any more as it became unsustainable for us being a small midwifery support business. There is lots of free help on which is online and you can email me on with any questions you think I could help with. Good Luck!

  8. Zohal

    This is Zohal Sayed. I am an internetional student currently living in Winnipeg Manitiba,Canada. I have certificate frim midwifery institute but, i do not know what should i do to continue my eduction in Canada. Can you please give me some information.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Zohal,

      Thanks for your comment, where are you from exactly?

      I can help EU and UK people wanting to be a midwife…but my knowledge on Canada is a little bit patchy!

      My best advice to you would be to get into contact with a local University that does midwifery training. They’ll be able to refer you to any governing body and advise what you’ll need to do.

      Best Wishes,

  9. Zohal

    I am waiting to here from you

  10. Megan Neate

    Ellie, if there was someone like you for every profession, the world would be a much happier place. Wishing you all the best for your new book. Sure it will be a great success. X

  11. Barbara

    Hi Ellie I live in Australia and it’s also very competitive to get into midwifery, I came accross midwife diaries and your book , I received it via mail a few days ago and it’s fantastic, all your advice in the book and you utube videos are simply wonderful. I’m in the middle of interview so it’s very helpful, and I just love reading it and anything about midwifery. Thanks for signing my book Ellie it’s very special.
    Xx Barb

  12. Hi Ellie I really want to be a midwife your book is fantastic a lot to take in though but I’m sure with time and patience I will become a qualified midwife just have to believe in myself put the hard work in and stay positive I have given my husbands email kind regards Paula caulfield

  13. Yuli

    Hi Ellie, I am really interested in studying midwifery in New Zealand but I don’t know where to start. Is this book appropriate for aspiring midwives in New Zealand?

    • Hi Yuli, there’s a lot targeted to the UK process but the philosophy, interview skills and basic information on midwifery has proved very helpful for people in your position 🙂

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