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If You Already Have A Degree

Having a previous degree is a brilliant asset as you’ll bring high level academic ability to midwifery.


In Your Academic Experience Section

Write about the study skills you’ve gained in your academic experience section: essay writing, independent learning, critiquing research, time management, and high level thinking.


Relate To Midwifery

As always, relate what you can do back to midwifery! State the obvious and join the dots for the admissions tutors.


For Instance...

For instance: 'I have excellent essay skills, which will help me as a student midwife working to a high level of academic excellence, alongside placements.'


Science Based Degrees

If you have a science based degree, make sure you show your ability in terms of midwifery. See the resource module to find some high level midwifery evidence to mention, and try module 3, the ‘specialist interest subject’ module for further ideas on how to do this.


Other Degrees

If you don’t have a science based degree, or your degree is not easily linked to midwifery, see it as an opportunity. You can show the admissions tutors you have unique knowledge and thinking to bring to midwifery. For instance, if you did a degree in Dance, you might want to discuss the understanding of physiology you have, which will be useful in midwifery to develop excellent clinical knowledge. Or, you may have insight into how to motivate people to exercise and be in tune with their bodies, which is very relevant to the positive body belief that midwives try and provide for childbearing women.


Practical Placements Or Workshops

If you had a practical element to your degree, like putting together and executing workshops, or a placement, write about this in your ‘shadowing and volunteering’ section. See the workbook mindmaps for some ideas of transferrable skills you need to pull out and expand on.


Good Luck!

All the best with your application, and getting all of your high level thinking and skills from your degree evident in your personal statement!

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