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Personal Statement School  will take you through writing an effective statement, step by step.

You'll identify your strengths and your passion and work out how to communicate these to admissions tutors.


I logged onto PS school and knew I had hit the jackpot.You managed to translate it in such an understandable way. And now, I have two interviews at my top two university choices!

- Cat Hess, Personal Statement School Student

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Midwife Diaries Personal Statement School will take you through easy to follow modules on mind-mapping, structure building, writing concisely, and proofreading.

If you're struggling to start, Personal Statement School will show you what to do first, and will help you to identify and communicate your transferable skills.

Personal Statement School also contains midwifery inspiration and research sections to challenge, so you can learn and demonstrate your knowledge.

Students have access to watch can watch the videos as many times as they'd like.

There are a number of bonus videos, for example how to write about your own birth experiences or care experiences, and if you are only applying to one university.

See below for a look inside.

Who should use Personal Statement School?

  • Motivated and passionate students coming out of sixth form. 

    50% of the available places are earned by people your age! Get your passion and qualities into your statement and truly understand midwifery, and you have every chance of fulfilling your dream. 

  • Mature students with a previous career in childcare, beauty, teaching, HCA or MCA care, or other careers working with the public.50% of the available places go to people your age! Show your life experience, interpersonal skills and your reasons for wanting to be 'with women'. Personal Statement School will help you identify your abilities and communicate them effectively, even if you're applying on your own and even if you find it hard to speak highly of yourself.


  • Qualified Nurses. 

    Qualified Nurses will find a special module to help them apply for the highly competitive 18 month conversion course. From demonstrating how your nursing expertise fits with midwifery to identifying your long term career goals, Personal Statement School will help bridge the gap between midwifery and nursing. 

  • Applicants from overseas. 

    Whether you're someone with a care background or you know that the UK offers gold standard midwifery and would like to train here, Personal Statement School will help you demonstrate how you'd bring a brilliant standard of woman centred care to the profession. 10% + of NHS staff are from outside the UK originally. Having this mix of staff is very important, and I’ll bet you have wonderful skills, insights and qualities that you have developed from international experience.

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  • Younger Applicants
  • Limited Volunteer Experience
  • Rewriting If You've Previously Been Unsuccessful
  • Nursing Background
  • Mature Students
  • Only Applying To One Uni
  • MCA/HCA Background
  • Experience In The Developing World
  • Difficult Life Experience To Include
  • Including Your Own Experience Of Motherhood
  • If You Know A Midwife or Nurse
  • If You Have A Learning Difficulty
  • If You Have A Turbulent Past
  • Dicussing Mental Illness
  • If Midwifery Is A New Dream

Refund Policy:

Try Personal Statement School for the first 3 teaching videos and if it’s not for you, that’s okay. Just email me and ask for a refund and I’ll honour it. (This hasn't happened so far but no worries if it’s not for you!)*

*You are responsible for unsubscribing when you’ve finished, I want to be really up front about that and you will find instructions on the welcome email and main Personal Statement School page.

It takes IT support to process refunds and to work out when you last logged in. This means I don’t usually offer refunds if you just haven’t remembered to unsubscribe as it’s not financially viable for such a small business. Hope you understand!

If there are special circumstances, of course, email me at once and we'll sort it!


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What Other People Say

(Thank You For Your Feedback)

I have one offer already and am just waiting on another. It's my first year of applying and I genuinely feel that your personal statement school helped immensely.

I recommend it to any aspiring midwives I speak to!

Thank you so much again, it's really well worth the money. Your videos were invaluable to really gain an understanding of what the universities want.

I have your book also....... Ellie Durant fan girl right here! 🙂

About Personal Statement School


 I would just like to thank you for all the amazing help and tips I have received from the personal statement school. I was struggling so much, this was just what I needed! I failed to get any interviews with my first application but after writing a lovely personal statement that I am proud of with your help I've managed to bag myself 5 out of 5 interviews this time around! I'm absolutely over the moon and cannot thank you enough. so scared for the interviews but I am much closer to achieving my dream that I ever was before. THANK YOU ELLIE!

About Personal Statement School


I just need to say thank you so much for your help whilst writing my personal statement. The personal statement school was just unendingly fabulous and informative. Before I signed up I didn't even know where to begin, and I was getting nowhere fast. As soon as I logged onto the PS school I knew I had hit the jackpot. Especially as an applicant applying on my own, I haven't had the help of a college or school so I just didn't have the techniques I needed to get me going.

Reading my PS for the last few times before I sent it off I KNEW it was good. Before I couldn't have imagined it would sound so awesome and contain everything I wanted it to! You just managed to translate it in such an understandable way - to get it all down on the page in a concise manner that flowed and sounded kick-ass. And now, I have two interviews at my top two university choices! All I can say now is: wow. It truly worked. Well done, and thanks and for all the work you have done/continue to do helping aspiring midwives. Now on to interview prep...
About Personal Statement School

Cat Hess

The mind maps are amazing, and I'm writing down things I had completely forgotten about. They make me look at things differently and enable me to put them down as skills gained. I thought my PS was pretty tight and rather good, until I came across your school & I am now starting again and rewriting it all!

About Personal Statement School

Hayley Kenyon

What an amazing resource! I signed up the day it came out and it has been such a help to me! So easy to understand and takes you through step by step, it has managed to keep me calm when writing my personal statement. Well done Ellie and thank you so much!

About Personal Statement School

Hannah Gerken

anonymous testimonial: The Personal Statement School helped me get 5/5 interviews and I can't recommend it enough. It helped me organise my thoughts, focus on the key points and avoid common mistakes, whilst writing my statement in my own words. If you are going to use one resource to help your application then it should definitely be this!

About Personal Statement School


I've had several personal statements fail to get any interviews so I got this on the first day it was out. I can see where I was going wrong and am much more confident now. Fingers crossed! Thanks Ellie.

About Personal Statement School

Jade Brooks

Oh my god it's amazing - signed up immediately. Honestly Ellie I was shaking with excitement - it's exactly what I need, it's brilliant for working out what you want to say and how to structure.

About Personal Statement School

Sara Joyner

'I have literally just surfaced (beginning at 9am....) from Ellie Durant personal statement school. Not been full on working the whole time but the inspiration/research section!! One YouTube video led to another... which led to another... would definitely recommend it so far!!
I didn't think I could afford to do it but I saved here and there the past couple of weeks and I've managed. I'd seriously recommend anyone give up a couple of takeaways or bottles of vino.'

About Personal Statement School

Lucy Connell

I was in tears watching the inspiration section last night! it's kicked so many of my bad habits that I didn't even know I had. x

About Personal Statement School

Amy Earnshaw

Thank you! I felt my personal statement was much stronger after the personal statement school. I wish I had found it sooner! I haven't stopped celebrating and will probably continue to do so until September!

About Personal Statement School


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help your website has given me over the last few months. Your personal statement school was amazing, I couldn't have written mine without it! Also your interview advice helped so much, I felt so prepared for my interviews and it gave me a lot of confidence going in to them.
I've just been offered a place, my first choice university and I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited to be starting my journey towards becoming a midwife. Thank you again for all your help, I really couldn't have done it without you.
About Personal Statement School

Georgia Cook

That's good, thank you so much! I just finished writing my statement with the help of your ps school and it was amazing, really confident about my application now thanks to your wonderful videos! 🙂 xx

About Personal Statement School

Chloe Brooks

Over the summer holidays I spent hours and hours stressing over how to start, and write my personal statement, I knew what I wanted to say but actually getting it down onto paper felt impossible!
Then I found Ellie's personal statement school, and my favourite thing about it is that it doesn't feel like Ellie is doing it for you, but it simply organises all your thoughts into sections, and gives you resource ideas, making the process of writing it so much more organised and it also helped me understand exactly what the admissions tutors are looking for.
I submitted my UCAS last week and have already received an offer for an interview. 
Thank you so much Ellie, for turning what could have been very stressful into an exciting and interesting experience.
I strongly recommend using the personal statement school to help you write a brilliant and exciting personal statement!
About Personal Statement School

Rebecca Saunders

I'm finding your lessons and tips so very helpful and I'm super grateful for the effort you have put in to produce such a magnificent tool for all us up-and-coming midwives.
Thank you.
About Personal Statement School


For anyone that's struggling, not happy or not even started their statement, I cannot stress enough how much this will help you!
Thank you Ellie, you truly are a wonderful and inspiring person.

About Personal Statement School


If you've got questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, you can either use the box below or email me at

I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

21 Responses

  1. ‘I am really struggling with the introduction of my personal statement because I am worrying it won’t be good enough. I think this will help me to under what makes a great introduction to a personal statement and how I can get my thoughts and idea onto paper and help me to believe in what I am writing and be confident. I have wanted to be a midwife since I was 13 because I was fascinated with pregnancy and birth. But now I understand what midwifery really means and that it’s not just about the pregnancy or birth but about supporting the women and advocating for her and empowering her throughout the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods.’

    – Sofie

  2. ‘I am struggling with knowing if the language I’m using in my personal statement is correct and not overly friendly? I am a mature student and I have never applied to university before so this is all completely brand new, so I feel your personal statement school would be perfect to help. I have always known I wanted to be a midwife, however, I did not think I was clever enough to go to university, none of my family have ever gone to uni either so it was always such a daunting prospect. But now my children are a bit older and I am going to believe in myself and follow my dream!!! As I have said at beginning of my personal statement, midwifery is a calling. It’s more that a career, a vocation or simply a job, it’s a fire burning strong and bright in the pit of my stomach and I can not ignore it any more. Thank you.’
    – Fiona

  3. Laura Allsopp

    *entering competition* not sure if this is where I’m meant to write, so please let me know if I’ve put it in the wrong place!

    I’m currently struggling with the opening of my personal statement, as its been suggested, I really need an opening that’s going to stand out.

    I think personal statement school would help me, because I haven’t even started my personal statement yet. I’m not applying for university until 2018, but I think its important to get started now so I can tweak it along the way. I’ve also heard excellent reviews about the school and after watching the online video I really think it would help.

    Why do I want to be a midwife? Ah, the all important question, the one where I know why I want to be a midwife, but not sure how to put it into words! I am a mother of two, and like some mothers, after their experience of pregnancy and childbirth want to become a midwife. I received excellent care throughout both my pregnancies and both of my labour’s. Nothing was too much trouble, and I never felt as if I was being a pain asking certain questions-they were all more than happy to help. For me, like some other women too, being in labour was very scary, especially the first time round as I was only 18. I obviously didn’t know what to expect, but I had such brilliant care from a midwife I will never forget. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would love to care for women like I was cared for. I also find the whole process of pregnancy absolutely fascinating! the fact that we all came from cells I find incredible.

    Anyway, I hope I haven’t gone on too much!

    I really hope you consider me for the free personal statement school.

    Thank you!


  4. Bethany Twibey

    – My main issue with writing my personal statement is confidence. I seem to question every point. Is it relevant? Does it make grammatical sense? Am I interesting enough to stand out? Along with having too many things to say for UCAS restrictions allowance.

    – I think personal statement school would help me make my points slightly more concise so I could include a few more points and still be within UCAS character and line limits. I also feel that it will allow me to be slightly more confident in my transferable skills which may maks me a little more at ease when it comes to justifying why I would be well suited to midwifery at interviews.

    – Why I want to be a midwife is something I find very tricky to effectively put into words (not very I know.) I think my genuine excitement and intrest around the ‘magic’ of pregnancy, labour and postpartum is the main reason. It amazes me what womens bodies are capable and the holistic approach makes for a smoother experience overall which I think is essential for the best chance at a good postpartum experience. I feel truly passionate about empowering women, allowing them to be the boss and make decisions based upon my guidance. I want a job that is more than ‘paying the bills’…I mean if I wanted a career for money it would be a bit daft of me to choose midwifery. Midwives deliver babies frequently, however a singular woman is likely to have in general 1-3 babies on average and it is so important that midwives are there to be professional friends to ensure they have the best experience possible and I would be honoured to be in such a lucky role.

  5. Kay

    I’m struggling with finalising my personal statement and understanding if it gives the correct impression. I have never been a good judge of my own writing, I also do not have any support from college or family to help me. I believe the personal statement school will give me the extra boost of confidence support and reassurance I need to perfect my personal statement. I have your book and have watched all your videos but I really struggle in analysing wether or not I have done the suggested things correctly. I am becoming highly and increasingly stressed as the new college year creeps closer and UCAS will soon open. I would really appreciate the help. I do not want to appear naive or over confident in myself.
    Thank you!

  6. Rhiannon

    The biggest challenge I’m finding with writting my personal statement is promoting my self and my abilities. I find it very difficult to show my confidence in my ability to do the role even though I know I can do it and I know i will be an amazing midwife.

    I think personal statement school would help me to come across as confident and personable without my own personal experiences good and bad coming across in a way where I am trying to ‘right the wrongs’ that I have been through. And i would greatly appreciate the advice and support.

    I want to be a midwife because I feel passionately about women and their rights to their bodies. I feel I can support women through their pregnancy births and postnatally to have the most fulfilling experience possible in their circumstances.

    I want to help women have the amazing experiences I have had personally and also try to avoid the bad experiences and treatment I experienced. It’s a time in a woman’s life that we only experience a hand full of times and an unsupportive and misinformed experience can affect a woman for the rest of her life and I would never want a woman I care for to go through that. I want women to feel empowered and believe in their own abilities and their own decision making while ensuring that they and their baby are healthy and well informed.

    The physiology and psychology of childbearing is amazing to me I would go to work every day full of respect and admiration for the incredible process we go through as women to bring a life in to the world. I have personally seen the strength women find when they are sceared and feeling vulnerable in the midst of extreme love and happiness and I would feel honoured to be part of that on a daily basis.

    However i also understand that midwifery can also be heartbreaking when mum’s go home without their babies and with personal experience of this I have a very special and passionate interest in pregnancy loss and I hope that one day I can provide the care, support and love to women that i didnt get. Those fleeting hours a parent has with their child after birth are precious and I want every woman and her family to be able to make the most of that special time and create memories they will never forget or regret.

  7. Ilia Pearce

    I’m struggling get my personal statement within to character limit because I’m prone to waffling on ????.
    I think the personal statement school could help me to structure my personal statement and give me an idea of what does as doesn’t need to be included.
    The main reason I want to be a midwife started with my passion for standing up for the right of young mothers. I was a teen mum and having had some negative experiences from health professionals in my pregnancy, I wanted to advocate for them and get them the respect they deserve. There is a midwife in my area that works with young mothers, supporting them and giving them confidence. This is exactly what I’d love to do eventually. I feel like this should be available all around the country, too often young mothers are given up on before they even have a chance. These attitudes from health professionals will stay with them throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. I could go on and on but I fear I’m waffling again ???? x

  8. Michaela

    I am struggling with the flow of my statement and trying hard not to make it sound like a list. I have so much I want to include but finding it hard to cut down and present in a flowing manner.
    I want to become a midwife because I don’t think any other job or profession is the same as a midwives and nothing compares. I find the whole concept of working with woman and their bodies amazing and pregnancy and birth is indescribable I cannot find the words to relate to how amazing I find it.

  9. Jen


    I’m struggling to even start my personal statement. I find it difficult to see my good qualities due to several knocks to my confidence and I need someone who will say “hey, that’s a great quality that you should be proud of!”. I’m also struggling to relate my transferable skills to midwifery.

    I think personal statement school will help to boost my confidence and my belief in myself whilst helping me to write an amazing personal statement. It will empower me just like a midwife helps to empower a woman.

    Why I want to be a midwife? I find pregnancy, labour and birth amazing. When I was pregnant I couldn’t believe that I actually had a baby growing inside me! The antenatal care I received was amazing and the midwives caring for me enjoyed teaching me about different aspects of pregnancy, things I would have never known otherwise! Unfortunately, I didn’t realise how much choice and control I had, I had a caesarean due to my baby being breech when in reality I wanted a vaginal birth. I want to be able to tell women that they do have a choice! I want to help women make an informed decision based on what is right for them. I want to be the person I wish I’d had, who had stood up for my right to make an informed decision, rather than scaremongering me into a birth that I didn’t really want.


  10. Claire Thomson

    I would love to have your help with this Ellie. I’m struggling to write down everything I need to say and what I want to say. I am so worried about coming across the wrong way in my personal statement, I’ve been dreading ucas opening soon.

    Statement school would really help me organise my thoughts, help me prioritise what I need to say and how to help my personal statement flow. Being a mature candidate, and applying on my own, it would be great to have the support and help from Ellie to look over and help me in ways that even I probably don’t know!

    I want to be a midwife because I want to help give women the support and care they need during a life changing event. I want to be the voice and face they trust and can help them to believe in themselves. I want to help people transition into parenthood. I want to help be the change from what women think labour and birth is to whatever they want labour and birth to be. I want to help them know, in this society that tells them how to mother, that they have the instinct on how to mother and to help them become the mothers they want to be.

  11. Holly Reid

    Hi Ellie, first of all what a fantastic opportunity you are offering for one very lucky person!

    So abit about me… i am 28 year old mum to four very determined boys!! I have been out of work now for the last 8 years and this is why I am hoping you can help point me in the right direction!! My youngest started nursery last year and I realised then was the time to jump in at the deep end and do something for me!! I have just completed an access to nursing and midwifery course with mainly distinctions ? I really didn’t have the confidence and couldn’t believe after all that time out I still could make something of myself!! I do however, due to the lack of experience work wise I am really struggling to put together any type of statement to get my self across correctly and positively!! Although being a mum does involve lots of skills and a lot more patience it’s just not good enough in their eyes ? and I can never seem to put pen to paper!! I have dreamed of becoming a midwife since my eldest twins were born way back in 2008. The care I received from a certain midwife was fantastic. Since then I have gone on to have another two hospital births with the middle one not quite how I imagined!! This experience really set me aback and made me more determined than ever! I am really passionate about continuity of care and strongly believe women of all ages and backgrounds have the upmost priority and should know their rights when it comes to giving birth!! I feel that if I were to become a midwife I would like to feel that I am able to give ladies the strength to go with what they want if the situation is ideal.

  12. Alicia

    Hi, I’ve wanted to be a midwife since I was 11 when my niece was born! At the moment I’m struggling to explain on my personal statement why I didn’t do so well in my a levels and I’m now doing an access course at 18, without sounding like I didn’t work hard and couldn’t be bothered, which really isn’t the case! I think personal statement School would really help me as struggling with my a levels and not getting the grades I wanted really knocked my confidence and I think having a helping hand would really help me to enter the application process with a bit more faith and belief I can do it! I want to be a midwife because when my sister was pregnant with my niece I found it wasn’t just the baby I was as excited by, but the pregnancy and birth that really fascinated me!! I loved hearing about all the highs and the lows and everything my sister experienced throughout her pregnancy and birth, it inspired me! This was only the start of my interest and since then I’ve had work experience in the maternity department at a hospital and found it so exciting! Pregnancy and birth is just something that I’m so interested in, and the thought of being there and helping a woman and supporting her through such a life changing, amazing moment, takes my breath away, it’s just something I’ve wanted and wished for as long as I can remember!!

  13. Nafsin Uddin

    This seems so helpful, I need to try this. I feel like it would benefit me through my personal statement journey and make me stand out! I’ve always wanted to be a midwife ever since watching my mum go through her pregnancy with my youngest sister when I was 13 and I always amazed by the work of the midwives and doctors etc and I thought to myself that I want to matter to these families and especially mothers one day by helping through their pregnancy and caring for them x

  14. Sara Marie Finch

    I would love your help with writing my personal statement Ellie. I have absolutely no idea where to start, your book has been amazing and I feel that with your help, all the experience I have can be reflected in my personal statement in a way that sums me up in 4,000 characters. I apply in September and college are being very relaxed about it. Please Ellie your kindness would mean a lot to me!

  15. Lou Turner

    Re. Easter competition
    I want to get my ps done in good time because its playing on my mind. I have little to no self confidence and “bigging myself up ” does Not come naturally! I’m sure I probably have some great skills but no idea how to get them down into some semblance of order or how to make it shine!!

    • Aw Lou, I bet you have so many brilliant skills – self confidence on the page is hard but Personal Statement School will definitely help with writing confidently about your own strengths. We tend to put ourselves down but personal statements are a great opportunity to remember everything we have to offer x

  16. Kerrie Cutchey

    This tool looks amazing, so helpful. Wish I’d known about it before doing my last personal statement but I know for next time.

  17. Hannah

    This would be so helpful as I have no idea where to start. I want to be able to get my application in as soon as possible but the peronsal statement is holding me back.

    As a dyslexic person I’ve never been about to properly write these kind of things. I need to find a way to organise and structure everything.

    I’m currently reading the book and it’s been really good but reading is difficult and tiring for me. I’ve watched a few of your video’s and I’ve found it to be much easier x

  18. Laura Ash

    I am a complete novice when it comes to personal statements and I know how important these are when making your application. I am eager to start compiling mine but am unsure of where to start. I have looked at the help available online but this a more direct approach is needed, like this. Writing about myself doesn’t come naturally, especially when it comes to putting my strengths into words!

  19. Louise Rastall

    I am the queen of procrastination!!! I’m terrible for leaving things to the last minute but secretly feel I perform better with that time pressure in some ways 😉 I know I’d like to get my personal statement and UCAS application submitted for September as I have two small children and need to plan for childcare etc as well as prove to myself that I can juggle and keep on top of it all!!

  20. Jemma harvey

    Currently doing my access course at college part time. I have three kids under 5 and baby brain!
    I’m 36 so feel
    Like time is running out ?
    I’m volunteering like mad and am relaxing all the books I can! I’ve started to think about my ps but can’t even get the first sentence out! ?
    Definable need help ????

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