Talking through your skills, experiences and grades to date will help us map out a plan.

This is a great option if you're not sure where to start, or you have so much you could write about that you're needing to narrow down your outline. 

There are a limited number of these sessions available, as there's only one of me and I'm doing return to practice soon. But I've put aside a certain number of days to offer this support, so let me know as soon as possible.

Fill out the form below to confirm availability and I'll get you scheduled in. Looking forward to seeing your statement!

February-June £49.99

July-January £69.99

Ellie's personal statement coaching service was invaluable, she goes to great lengths to help you write an amazing statement, helping with word count, sourcing information for you to read and include and is supportive throughout her feedback. It really helped me deal with the stress of writing a personal statement and start to enjoy writing it again and I'm certain that the admissions tutors will see that.

One to One Planning Session

Sara, Student Midwife

I found my second draft was ten times better. I came across much more organised with my approach and it allowed me to remember to cover multiple aspects of my experience to present myself as a more well-rounded candidate. Secondly, Ellie gives lots of suggestions of alternative material to read to provide further useful information regarding the role of the midwife, rules and standards and industry research. I took the opportunity to do lots of further reading based on these suggestions. I truly believe it helped me to come across as a knowledgeable candidate and developed my confidence going in to interview.

One to One Planning Session

Pia, Successful Midwifery Candidate

The support and guidance I received from Midwife Diaries was invaluable. Ellie was quick to respond to emails and offered constructive advice on how I could improve my personal statement which I simply can't put a price on. I now have an unconditional offer to a fantastic university in the heart of London and could not be happier!

One to One Planning Session


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